Book’Monday is autumn book-event by Chulan Bookstore in FEDORIV Hub, which is devoted to a bright personality, intelligent and wonderful person, authority for many parents, child and family psychologist, psychotherapist Svitlana Roiz.

The reason for our joint meeting with Svitlana was the recent release of her new book “Child guide”. The book was published in the “Nika Center” and represents the materialization of the author’s experience at the “life of psychologist”. This book has absolutely practical experience and unclassified secrets of how to look for what we call the complex behavior of the child, what to do for prevention of various psychological, how to regain peace of mind and how to give strength to your “inner child”.

The program of the evening: the author’s meeting with Svitlana Roiz, presentation of the book, an autograph session.

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